Note that ScPL has not been updated to support the new iOS 13/14+ actions. If you are looking for a text shortcuts language, consider Jellycuts.

ScPL is a programming language for Shortcuts that allows you to write shortcuts in text instead of dragging and dropping blocks. ScPL lets you work with large shortcuts easily by letting you copy and paste actions, view long shortcuts without scrolling, and type actions instead of dragging them in. Get Started

ShowResult "Hello ScPL"
ChooseFromMenu prompt="ScPL" items=["Getting Started", "View Documentation"]
Case "Getting Started"
    URL ""
Case "View Documentation"
    URL ""
End Menu

See what your shortcut looks like in ScPL by uploading it in the ScPL Editor.

What is ScPL

ScPL lets you write shortcuts in text. Instead of dragging actions around on a small screen in a slow app, you can write text like ShowResult "My shortcut" to build long and complex shortcuts.


Web Editor

The ScPL Web Editor ( is the easiest way to write ScPL.

Visual Studio Code

ScPL has a plugin for Visual Studio Code with autocompletion, error messages, and hover documentation. VSCode Extension.

To compile your ScPL code you can use the scpl-cli npm package. npm install --global scpl-cli. Then you can run scpl <filename.scpl> -o <outputfile.shortcut>


Github page

ScPL is written in TypeScript. To install the dev version, clone the git repo and run yarn install. Before making a pull request, make sure to run yarn format to automatically format your code with prettier and yarn test to make sure it passes all the tests.